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by 100. Iron contributes to the leading causes of vision loss. Normally the RPE has ways to prevent iron from entering the retina when iron levels are high, but if iron export from cells is unregulated, iron may accumulate in the eye and degrade the macula. Oftentimes the storage protein for iron, ferritin, can reach the eye instead of the mineral itself. The result is hereditary hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome (hhcs an inherited condition of early-onset cataracts which could be dangerously confused with hemochromatosis (iron overload) unless a person is diagnosed using the full iron panel : Hemoglobin : the iron-containing protein in the blood that carries iron. But too much iron or problems with utilizing, storing, or transporting iron properly can lead to vision loss in the form of conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and hyperferritinemia syndrome, according to recent research findings. People with hhcs typically have normal tibc and TS test results but elevated serum ferritin levels (. Right now, the only known treatment for hhcs is cataract surgery. An ophthalmologist confirms diagnosis of hhcs. Home / Iron Blog, iron contributes to the leading causes of vision loss.


Trio CON 2 japonesas cachondas - part 1 by threesomeffm. Iron is a necessary mineral for many of the bodys functions, including vision. But too much iron or problems with utilizing, storing, or transporting iron. Citas y encuentros libres.

Iron contributes: Morenas cachondas travestis ferrol

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